Discussions let you discuss games and entities with the rest of the community much like a forum.

Access discussions

You can access the latest discussions by clicking the "Discussions" link in the Navigation Drawer. Which discussions you see depends on where you're accessing the link from:

  • Accessing discussions from FrontierNav's page will let you view the latest discussions across all games as well as FrontierNav's meta discussions.

  • Accessing discussions from a game's page will show the latest discussions specific to that game and its entities.

  • Accessing discussions from an entity's page will show the latest discussions specific to that entity.

Create discussions

From the relevant discussions page, you can create a new discussion by clicking the "Start a discussion" text box along the top.

Reply to discussions

From the discussions page, click on the discussion you want to reply to, then click the "Post a reply" text box below it.

Yeahs and Likes

If you like, agree and want to boost a post, you can "Yeah" it using the "Yeah" button along the bottom of the post. You can also "Unyeah" a post you previously yeah'd with the same button. You cannot Yeah your own posts.

Format posts

See Format Text.

Discussion titles

Unlike most forums, you do not need to give your post a title. If you really want to, you can use a Heading 1:

# Discussion title

Discussion body

Embed videos

You can embed videos from popular services like YouTube using the following markup:


Make sure the video itself can be embedded and isn't age restricted. Otherwise it's better off as a regular link.

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