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Who maintains FrontierNav?

FrontierNav is maintained by Jahed. It's a wiki platform so the data is maintained by the community.

How do I contact FrontierNav's owner?

You can contact support via email. Alternatively, for public communication, use the relevant Discussions page on the website.

Can you add a feature for me?

Usually, yes if it fits with FrontierNav's vision. Just let me know. But there is a queue. I am only one person and FrontierNav does not pay enough for me to work on it a lot. This means new features will be added depending on how complicated it is, how often it is requested and how interested I am in it. Consider sponsoring the project and sharing your ideas with the community.

How often is FrontierNav updated?

FrontierNav uses continuous deployment so it is updated constantly. You can get news of what has changed by following the project on Patreon. The website's data is also updated continuously whenever the community contributes data, like a wiki.

Why do some wikis not have any data?

FrontierNav's data is community-driven. This means people contribute data voluntarily to help others. If you would like to contribute data, you can. See "Making Changes".

Why does it take so long to load some wikis?

FrontierNav is a very dynamic application with lots of small pieces of data. So to reduce load times while navigating pages and maps, your browser downloads the entire database for the wiki upfront. This is typically a few hundred kilobytes at most. After the initial download, your browser will not need to download it again until the database is changed. If you're experiencing consistent slow page loads, make sure your browser's cache is enabled.

Does FrontierNav have an offline mode?

Not at the moment. To provide an offline mode, you will need to download all of the scripts and images in advance. That's a lot of data to download. This may be solved in the future with peer-to-peer networking. If you would like this feature, consider sponsoring the project and sharing your ideas.

Can I download FrontierNav as an app?

You can install FrontierNav as a web app. To do this, visit the website, then open your web browser's menu and choose "Install" or "Install app".

A standalone native app is not planned. Maintaining a native app on top of the website is a lot of work. If you would like this feature, consider sponsoring the project and sharing your ideas.

Does FrontierNav have a light theme?

Not at the moment. A lighter theme may be added in the future, but it is not a priority. Supporting both light and dark themes is a lot of work when adding and re-designing features. It doubles the amount of testing to ensure colours and working well together. If you would like this feature, consider sponsoring the project and sharing your ideas.

Can I use my own avatar?

Not at the moment. Instead, everyone is given a choice of 360 unique, randomly generated avatars. In short, it's to reduce moderation burden so that I can focus on building FrontierNav. This approach keeps avatars distinct and separate from wiki data. If you would like this feature, consider sponsoring the project and sharing your ideas.

FrontierNav uses Firebase to safely store user credentials. So the sign-in link will be sent by them. To avoid spam, Firebase does not allow this email to be customised at all so it will not have FrontierNav's branding. But do not worry, it is safe. It contains a single link which will automatically sign you in.

Can I sign-in with my Apple ID?

Not at the moment. "Sign in with Apple" requires a $99 per year developer account. Paying so much just to provide a convenience for Apple's own customers doesn't make sense right now as the demand for it is too low. The next best thing is to use your iCloud email with "Sign-in with Email" instead. If you would like this feature, consider sponsoring the project and sharing your ideas.

Can I sign-in with a password?

To avoid dealing with account hijacking, weak passwords, phishing and general malicious intent, FrontierNav avoids using passwords. You can only login through other identity platforms or a sign-in link sent through email.

If your identity or email account is hijacked, please resolve it with those providers as it is impossible for FrontierNav to verify your identity without them.

What is your data policy?

  • Access logs are stored for up to 5 weeks for monthly aggregation and audits of activity trends.

  • Error logs are stored for up to 5 weeks for troubleshooting and fixing issues.

  • Authentication data (such as emails, names and avatars) is stored indefinitely.

  • Application data (such as status, notes and posts) is stored indefinitely.

  • Application data is visible to other users. Do not use FrontierNav for storing private information, it is a place for sharing your knowledge with the community.

  • All data is visible to admins for auditing and admin-related tasks such as recovery and backups.

  • Latest data backups are stored indefinitely for system recovery.

  • Historic data backups are stored for up to 5 weeks in case of data loss.

  • You can request to remove any of your data, including your account. Contact support.

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