Change Requests

Change Requests are how you contribute data to FrontierNav. They are similar to pull requests on GitHub and merge requests on GitLab.

View change requests

You can see a list of existing change requests by opening the "Changes" page from the Navigation Drawer.

Open a change request

After you have made changes, in order to publish them for others to see, you need to create a Change Request. You can do this by opening the "My changes" sidebar from the Navigation Drawer.

Once you have made a change request, you can discard your changes. If you need to recover your changes, you can do so by clicking Load on the Change Request. This will apply your changes on top of the latest data, similar to loading a changes.json. You can also save your changes before discarding them if you prefer to keep your own copy.

Review process

Once you have created a change request, notify an Admin so that we're aware of it. Admins might be busy and may not respond immediately so give it up to a day before contacting again.

A change request will go through multiple stages:

  • Open: The request is awaiting approval by an admin.

  • Closed: The request has been closed and won't be merged. This usually happens after a discussion between admins and the author.

  • Merged: The request has been accepted and merged.

Merge process

Merging a change request involves:

  • Loading the current database.

  • Applying the changes in the change request to it.

  • Uploading the resulting database to the main server.

  • Uploading any new attachments in the change request to the main server.

  • Updating the game's index to point to the new database.

Currently only Admins can merge change requests. In the future, game-specific admins and editors will be given access too to reduce workload and provide more flexibility similar to other wiki software.

Chained requests

After creating a change request, if you continue making changes without discarding first, if you make another change request, it will become a child of your previous request. Meaning, your previous request will need to be merged first.

If your previous change request is merged while you're adding more changes without discarding, the next time your changes are loaded, changes from the merged change request will be removed automatically as they would be already applied.

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