FrontierNav is a wiki, so you can change most of the data it provides. All changes are local to your device until you create Change Requests.

Communicate First

If you are making a large number of changes, you should contact the community to share your ideas. Otherwise, it may result in duplicated effort or invalid data. That does not mean you have to have a conversation, more just an announcement so people are aware and can flag any potential problems.

Change Model

FrontierNav's Change Model is append-only, meaning when you make a change, the next change requires the previous change. This ensures that changes are valid as a whole.

You can see the changes you have made by opening the My Changes from the Navigation Drawer. Your changes are only local to you, no one else can see them unless if you create Change Requests.

Save Changes

It is a good idea to regularly save your changes to keep a backup. If anything goes wrong down the line, you can always send the save to an Admin to recover your changes.

Autosaved Sessions

Your open changes are automatically saved every 10 seconds for the current session, up to a maximum of 5 autosaved sessions. After which the oldest session is removed.

A new session is created every time you reload FrontierNav. Sessions are not shared across browser tabs.

Autosaved Sessions are a safety net in case your web browser crashes or you accidentally close your tab. Do not rely on it too much as web browsers have limited storage. After doing substantial work always Save manually to have a safe copy on your device.

Load Changes

You can load your save to continue where you left off. That means any new data since your save will not be available.

To apply your changes on top of the latest data, you can extract the save with an archive manager of your choice and load the changes.json within it.

Resolve Conflicts

When loading a changes.json on its own, your changes are re-applied over the latest published data. This means your changes might conflict if there is new data which your changes might overwrite. For example, you might have created a "Small Potion" entity, but then someone else also made one and published it first.

Whenever your changes conflict, you will need to discard them to continue. To avoid losing your changes, you will be given the option to Save them, after which you can send them to an Admin to fix.

Rewind Changes

If you make a mistake and want to go back to a previous state, you can open up My Changes, LeftClick on the change you want to go back to and LeftClick "Rewind". This will reset the data and re-apply all of your changes up to that point and discard the rest.

Change Requests

Changes only exist locally on your device. In order to publish your changes for others to see, you need to create Change Requests.

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