Edit Sidebars

The layout of the Sidebar for any given Entity is based on the order and configuration of its Properties. You can modify the order using the Entity Type Editor, and you can change each Property by using the Data Tables and pressing RightClick on a Column Head.

Standard Properties

Some Properties come standard with every Entity. These have fixed positions on the Sidebar and can not be moved. These are:

  • Name - Always in the heading.

  • Thumbnail - Always in the heading.

  • Icon - Not visible in sidebar. Only used in tags and map markers.

Rename Properties

You can rename a Property's name to be more human friendly. Unlike IDs, Property names do not have to be unique.

Hide Properties

You can hide Properties from the Sidebar by marking them as Hidden. This is useful for Properties that are used for aiding editors such as data-mined identifiers.

List Relationship Properties

By default, Relationship Properties will be shown as:

  • A single row if there is only one relationship.

  • Multiple Entity Rows if there is more than one relationship.

  • Hidden if there are no relationships.

To ensure the Sidebar always renders Entity Rows for a Property, even if there is only one, mark it as a List.

Order Relationships

By default, Relationships in a List are ordered by the target Entity's name Property. You can change this to any other Property, in either ascending or descending order.

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